History of Go Goodwins Coaches


Alan Edward Goodwin started working with his Granddad at York Motors in Chorlton Cum Hardy as a mechanic.




Within the year, Alan started the company Go Goodwins from a council house in Benchill, Wythenshawe.



Alan’s son, Geoff Goodwin, began his working career at the young age of 20 with his Dad. Within a year of Geoff’s arrival to the newly formed company, they obtained a respectable sized yard in Sharston and the business began developing.



Goodwins bought their first brand new mini bus to develop on their client basis, and the work load increased!



The company was progressing and moved forward in purchasing premises in the heart of Stockport. With Goodwins developing further, they started picking up new contracts along the way. One of which at the time was Altrincham Aces Ice Hockey which turned to Trafford Metros.



With the company well and truly building up a solid reputation, they gained high-end profile contracts including the mighty Manchester United Football Club, when Ron Atkinson was the manager!



Requiring more competitive coaches, Goodwins bought their first brand new Volvo Jonckheere fully loaded with bathroom facilities, chill out area, TV and all the trimmings! This coach began on its long journey with Goodwins travelling all over Europe.

WES1295 003



At the start of the naughty nineties the company pushed for further business and opened their very own MOT station in their yard.



Goodwins decided to take on another big move and bought out Erics Way Coaches and moved their fleet to an even larger premises in Salford. As well as this big move the fourth generation son in the family, Wes Goodwin at the early age of 18, joined the team and began his successful developing career with the company.



Tragedy hit the company! An aggressive fire on the eve of bonfire night, 1995, destroys the whole fleet of coaches. Goodwins had to start from scratch building up their company. However with the trusted client basis and strong connections they developed over the years, they were more determined than ever to prolong the name of Goodwins.



Moving forward, the company had once again developed with full steam ahead and gained one of their biggest gigs to date, ECB (England Cricket Board).



With the coaches getting more and more stylish and bespoke for higher end use, the company began renting their luxury class coaches to some of the biggest artists known in the world. These include Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and more…



Goodwins then went onto obtaining the full and official coach contract for the ECB (England Cricket Board).




Goodwins started their Bus routes for GMPTE, providing high class bus services for the constant use around North and South Manchester day in, day out.

WES11 002



There were no words for the sadness that suddenly struck the company when Alan Edward Goodwin, the owner and founder of Go Goodwins Coaches, sadly passed away just before the New Year on 23rd December 2014. He built up an empire that will continue to progress and forever develop throughout the generations of the Goodwins family.





Starting the year on a positive after celebrating the life of Alan, Goodwins founder, the company had to keep pushing forward and bringing the highest level of service to their loyal customers. Goodwins have some great plans for this year, one of which is a three pit VOSA AFT, MOT garage within their new building.

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