Day Excursions

Wednesday 24 October, 2018





We join the coach in the afternoon and take a drive to the sea side town of Blackpool to see…

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Pickup points for our Day Trips / Excursions

Here are our day Excursion Pickup Points;


      Eccles Metrolink 8:30am

      Stretford Library 8:40am 

      Partington Greyhound 8:50am

      Ashton on Mersey All Saints 9:00am 

      Sale Town Hall 9:05am

      Sale Moor IMO Car Wash 9:10am 

      Brooklands Rd/Maple Rd 9:15am 

      Timperley Iceland 9:20am 

      Altrincham Barrington Hotel 9:25am

      Hale Barns Wickey Lane 9:30am


      Eccles Metrolink 8:15am 

      Stretford Library 8:25am

      Hale Barns Wickey Lane 8:35am 

      Altrincham FC 8:40am

      Altrincham Opp Barrington Rd 8:45am

      Timperley Opp Iceland 8:50am 

      Brooklands Rd Opp Maple Rd 8:55am 

      Sale Moor IMO Car Wash 9:00am 

      Sale Opp T/hall 9:05am 

      Ashton on Mersey Opp All Saints 9:10am 

      Partington Greyhound 9:20am 


      Eccles Metrolink 9:15am 

      Stretford Library 9:25am

      Hale Barns Wickey Lane 9:35am

      Altrincham FC 9:40am 

      Altrincham Opp Barrington Rd 9:45am

      Timperley Opp Iceland 9:50am

      Brooklands Rd Opp Maple Rd 9:55am

      Sale Moor IMO Car Wash 10:00am

      Sale Opp T/hall 10:05am

      Ashton on Mersey Opp All Saints 10:10am

      Partington Greyhound 10:20am 

If you require a pickup from Oldham, Failsworth Or Newton Heath please call us on    0161-789-4545


• Go Goodwins reserves the right to cancel any excursion up to 24 hours before scheduled departure if bookings are insufficient. (A full refund will be given)
• Customer Cancellation charges;
• If you cancel more than 28 days before the trip, you are entitled to a full refund
• Five days to 28 days 50%
• Five days or less 100%.
• Go Goodwins shall not be liable for;
• Loss of luggage or any personal belongings.
• Breakdown of the Go Goodwins vehicle.
• Go Goodwins limits its liability resulting from the excursion to the value of the ticket price.
• No smoking or the drinking of alcohol allowed on our coaches.