GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO005-2GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO004-2GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO001-2GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO003-2Our fully licensed MOT test lanes use the latest equipment giving us at Go Goodwins Coaches the ability to test all makes and models of buses, coaches and mini buses. This includes the equipment to comply with the latest diesel emissions regulations.

The MOT testing requires a range of different tests and inspections which include:

Interior Checks:

GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO012Front/rear seat belts, seat security, rear fog tell tales, ABS warning light, switches (position lamp, headlamp), indicator, hazard switches, view to front, wipers and washers, brake pedal, servo operation, handbrake, steering wheel and column, front doors, mirrors, horn.

Exterior Checks:

GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO007GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO010Front/rear registration plate, front lamps including indicators, headlamps and headlamp aim, mirrors, front and rear shock absorbers, front/rear wheels, tyres, rear lights, rear fogs, number plate lamps, number plate stop lamps, fuel tank cap, indicators, hazards, rear doors and boot lid, wiper blades, general condition of vehicle.

Under Bonnet:

GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO011Vehicle structure, braking systems, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspension, power steering components.

Under Vehicle Inspection:

GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO002-2Steering including power steering, drive shafts (if applicable), front suspension, shock absorbers, front and rear wheel bearings, wheels and tyres, service brake control, mechanical brake components, parking brake system, exhaust system, fuel  Gtank and fuel system, rear suspension icluding shock absorbers, structure, general vehicle condition.


We test for the following:

  • Emissions
  • Brake performance
  • Class 4
  • Class 5
  • Class 6
  • Class 7
  • MOT 
  • PSV
  • HGV
  • ATF

MOT Gallery

Please find an array of photographs from our MOT station below.

GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO005-2 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO004-2 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO003-2 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO002-2 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO001-2 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO013 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO012 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO011 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO010 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO009 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO008 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO007 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO006 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO005 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO004 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO003 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO002 GoGoodwinsMOT_150902_MANCPHOTO001

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