GoGoodwins to continue the Regency Road tradition

Eccles, Manchester based GoGoodwins Coaches is to start a new heritage coaching arm that will carry on the tradition of the

Regency Road Pullman Touring Company, which marketed itself using the slogan, ‘Possibly the only Tour Company of its kind in the World.’ The new operation will trade as Goodwins Classic Coach Tours (incorporating Regency Road Pullman).

Northwich, Cheshire, based Regency closed earlier this year having provided it own brand of specialist touring using ageing Plaxton bodied AEC and Volvo coaches for the previous 14 or so years. Before that, Clive Screaton and his daughter, Sarah, had been involved in the Grand Edwardian Touring Company, using even older AEC stock. It was Sarah’s decision to finish. The operator’s licence was up for renewal and having married Robert Phillips in December, she wanted a more ‘normal’ life.
There was also a recognition that the coach industry is changing and they were finding it difficult to keep up with all of the new requirements.

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